Policies and Procedures

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Interested in learning more about clinical interventions with the severely mentally ill?  Please check out these training modules which provide an introduction to some of the latest approaches to working with severe mental illness.

CTT Clinical Trainings

Welcome to the CTT training page. This 1st set of training is designed to help orient you to many aspects of your upcoming work at the agency. It is required that you do them during your introductory period.  They are important and cover many topics related to our work in the behavioral health system.

CTT New Hire Trainings

The Assertive Community Treatment admission process can be daunting. Please refer to this link to get information regarding the way to properly admit participants to your ACT Team.  

ACT New Participant Admission Training

Need help working on your computer?  Please make your request at the following link:

PMHCC Computer Training

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania's Child Protective Service Law (CPSL) - ACT 32 helps to ensure that the children of Pennsylvania are protected from abuse and neglect.  One of your requirements as an employee of CTT is to take this training periodically.  You will find a description of this important law as well as the training below:  

Child Protective Service Law (CPSL) - ACT 32 Training