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Wellness Corner

Here, at CTT, we value not only clients' wellness, but also make sure to take into account our staff's wellness. Wellness to us as mental health professionals means all-around wellness, it means taking into account the mind body connection and that we can't pour from an empty cup.

We incorporate wellness training into our repertoire, we discuss the importance of using time for self-care, and talk about what stress management actually means and looks like. We make it a priority to tailor wellness to the individual. We also collaborate with top-tier institutions, most recently, with the University of Pennsylvania's smoking cessation program to continue to advance our wellness initiatives.

The wellness corner was designed in order for staff to be able to access more information in regards to wellness tips and tricks. Our wellness coordinator, Dr. Samantha Appel, will be updating this corner with new and fun ways to decrease our stress and increase our wellness on a quarterly basis! Please take some time periodically to check it out!

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