Behavioral Health/Intellectual Disabilities

Interested in referring someone living with serious mental illness and diagnosed with an intellectual disability to the BHID Team?

The Seven Steps to a Successful Referral:

Please review the eligibility requirements for the BHID Team.  

Successful admissions to the BHID team require a minimum age of 21 along with documentation or suspicion of a previous diagnosis of an Intellectual Disability.

Please access the online BHID Service Application here

*** n.b CTT Case Management Programs are voluntary.  All referrals must be accompanied with a participant signature. You may download the signature form here. The signature form is used in those instances where the participant was unable to sign the original referral.

  1. Review Medical Necessity Criteria
  2. Fill-out referral form for the CTT Program you feel is most appropriate for your participant
  3. Upload all required paperwork at the end of the referral form
    * If you are unable to upload the forms please email them to the program you are referring to:  
  4. CTT will review the referral and provide a conditional authorization
  5. Submit a program discharge summary / letter to the program you are referring to
  6. Complete closure in Webfocus
  7. CTT will send out acceptance form and admission date