Behavioral Health Intellectual Disability (BHID)

The CTT-BHID program is a Blended Enhanced team that provides specialized services to individuals with behavioral health and intellectual disabilities. The primary goals and objectives are to reduce service fragmentation, affect housing retention through effective training and support for caregivers, community consultation and education, and reduce use of acute service. The CTT-BHID program embraces a holistic approach to service and a philosophy of individual strengths and choice that involves creative approaches to service delivery. The team maintains close linkages and collaboration with provider organizations and attempts to bridge the gap between behavioral health and intellectual disability service providers. The services provided by the CTT-BHID program are delivered consistent with Recovery Principles that stress the importance of community connection; staff recognizes the benefits of instilling hope, individual responsibility, self-determination and self-help. We also emphasize community and social integration, spirituality and family inclusion as important factors in assisting people to recover from mental illness, and to manage their own lives.

To submit an application for CTT BHID Services, review the Medical Necessity Criteria and Steps to a Successful Referral.